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Although Laundry hub made it easy, there are many other reasons why we are the nation's most favored dry cleaners. Across the nation, we have almost 700 high street dry cleaning stores. Due to our constant proximity, dropping off your dry cleaning is always incredibly simple.

We are the best & most reliable laundry service provider in the United Kingdom. Our top priorities are satisfaction, dependability, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Laundry Hub keeps your attractive outlook and radiant personality. We offer our services to cutting-edge casual, formal business, casual wear, and home goods. Your filthy clothes are collected, sorted, prepared, washed, dried, and folded for you. You can arrange to have them delivered to your home, place of business, hostel, or restaurant. To protect your priceless clothing, we only use the best cleaning supplies. Be at ease as well. Your laundry will never be mixed with laundry from another order. The complete and on-time delivery that Laundry Hub promises.

Free Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Ironing Services

Professional and qualified

Thousands of customers in the largest cities rely on Laundry Hub for their daily dry cleaning and laundry needs.

It's Fast

Within a 24-hour period, we pick up your clothes, clean them, and return them to your doorstep.

Our Promise

We Are Working Hard To Earn Your Trust 

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The price we charge is equal to what you would pay to have your laundry done at home.

High Quality

We make a lot of effort to ensure that the clothing you receive back is spotless and ready for use.